The Embassy has been offered up to 40 free tickets for its staff and members of ABIE and the Australia Society to attend the Lucy Guerin dance company’s performance of its work Motion Picture in Bruges at 8pm Wednesday 1st February.
FYI the small Melbourne-based dance company creates and tours new dance works which explore everyday events and refine dance. Motion Picture is described as “a choreography which examines the tension between live performance and cinema. The dancers face the big screen behind the audience and use the film images as a source of inspiration for their movements.”
For more info about the performance in Bruges (in Dutch) please visit
Information about the dance company can be found at:…
Time: 20:00 Wed 1st February
Venue: MaZ
Magdalenastraat 27
8200 Brugge (Sint-Andries)
If you are interested in some tickets please contact us by our email (

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